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You are unique!

We leave random dots of our lyf on all kinds platforms and keep walking without any connection between the last and the next dot on social media or none between any two platforms.

We continue to grab or dodge choices thrown at us from brands, hoardings, apps, films, news, activism etc so much as if there is always and everywhere a Pied Piper of Hamlin and we are the rats. 

While someone else flies us like a kite on their string, we end up dancing till we turn the corner and someone exclaims aloud:

She passed away”

And what we leave behind is a hopeless, useless string that will be looking to fly another kite, while our kite bites the dust!

While the brands you wear, outlive and outwit you, what about the biggest brand of all- YOU. 

At you join all the dots of your lyf and create a journey and your own storyboard.

You have a timeline around which are 24 different aspects of your lyf.  

If you leave a few unaddressed, you expose yourself to the melody of the Pied Piper.

You can choose to duel with the choices or duet with your life.

The app is intuitive and engages you to reinforce and ring fence your life.

Its your own autobiography in the making or its a baby book of a little child on your own cloud. This is your cloud-9

Let the lack of evidence of who you are, never show you the lack of your existence. The lack of evidence does never mean the lack of existence. 

We don’t sell you to advertisers,
So, its not free.
For your lyf, you may choose to spend
In India per day a Rupee
Overseas a Dollar a month and Be
We may also like to believe
that the markets and brands
exist coz of U and me.

On another note, while this is wrapped in fun, it will hone your cognitive, spatial and temporal abilities and skills.

On offer for the first 1000 users that join,test our site and app,give us suggestions and complete the game within 30 days are : air tickets,gift vouchers or even cash upto Rs 10000/- or usd 500 if overseas.

We will see you either on the street following the Pied Piper’s beat or we will see u here writing your own notes and creating your own unique music of your life.

Hasta la Vista,
Hasta Manana..

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